Dressed for Dreams

What a great day we had on Monday.  Thanks to our fabulous dad volunteers, our student teacher, Ms. Webb, and all the students!  We are all inspired to work hard this year to come closer to reaching our dreams.  A special thanks goes to Mr. Keith Renard with Skipworth Portraiture.  He graciously volunteered his time, talents, and equipment to capture the best in all the students!  Also, a special thanks to Mr. Albrecht for photoshopping the photos! Although many of these dreams will probably change through the years, it never hurts to dream!

Class Full of Cash

A friend nominated our class to be awarded $300 in the WREG, Channel 13, Class Full of Cash contest and we won!  Since we won the $300 we were automatically entered into the grand prize drawing of $3,000 for the school.  We won that also!  Our class will greatly benefit from the $300 and our school has big plans for the $3,000!  Thank you WREG and thank you to our friend who nominated us!